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I found this post in my favorite forum and thought you would enjoy it.

I was reading an Egyptian scripture, the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, and found that the Egyptian High-Priest Thoth describes a method to remain immortal or exist as long as the Earth exists. Its a 2-Hour long exercise that according to Thoth makes your balance become one with the Earth's. The Old will be able to become Young again. 

Here's what Thoth says in the scripture: 

"List ye, O man, whilst I give the secret so that ye, too, shalt taste not of change. One hour each day shalt thou lie with thine head pointed to the place of the positive pole (north). 

One hour each day shalt thy head be pointed to the place of the negative pole (south). 

Whilst thy head is placed to the northward, hold thou thy consciousness from the chest to the head. And when thy head is placed southward, hold thou thy thought from chest to the feet. 

Hold thou in balance once in each seven, and thy balance will retain the whole of its strength. 

Aye, if thou be old, thy body will freshen and thy strength will become as a youth's. This is the secret known to the Masters by which they hold off the fingers of Death. Neglect not to follow the path I have shown, for when thou hast passed beyond years to a hundred to neglect it will mean the coming of Death." 

The 2-hour Exercise summarized: 

  • First hour - Head Pointed North, relax, focus consciousness on Chest to Head 
  • Second hour - Head Pointed South, relax, focus consciousness on Chest to Feet 

Side Effects: 

  1. - Living for thousands of years or until death is desired 
  2. - Youth restored (the old will become young again) 
  3. - All bodily and mental disorders, diseases, etc... will be fully eradicated 
  4. - No physical accidents can ever happen to you 
  5. - Full Bodily Strength 
  6. - Enormous Energy 
  7. - Much more...