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I just met Saras Saravathy while surfing - perhaps "found" her is a better way to describe the event.  I regard her as practical, clear and very grounded in her view of entrepreneurial "prototypes?"  In fact, inspiring as she explains that anyone can make a valuable contribution by taking up entrepreneurship.

Six Facts About Entrepreneurs That May Help You Take The Leap:

1.  The entrepreneurial method as the key skill in assessing the
     resources available.

2.  She looks at the world through entrepreneurial glasses and explains   how entrepreneurs are action-oriented.

3.  She sees the entrepreneur in all of us and explains what characteristics we share

 4.  From the entrepreneur viewpoint, a crisis is another word for
opportunity, thus, she doesn't mind a little recession.

5.  Entrepreneurs are innovators, and in this world, innovation is "the name of the game."  She encourages companies to "encourage change."

6.  Entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for social change.