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Do you read books?  I read voraciously until I got online, then only sporadically.  I recently, within the last 4 months, started a 'media fast.'  This means, I cut the cable. . . .I had cut out newspapers and magazines years ago.  The only thing I hear in my car are my own cd's - music I like.

About 3 years ago, I got cable.  I love movies and some of the new series that have come out on HBO, ShowTime, etc. 

One day, I decided I was spending waaaaaaaay too much time enjoying light weight programs on cable tho and taking a deep breath, I called my company and asked them to come get the box.

Now, I'm back to reading.  Believe me, I've read a ton and I'm gradually tapering off as I'm finding new projects to take up the slack with time. 

I've become fascinated with Lester Levenson.  The inventor of "letting go."  Lester's strategy is a miracle.  You can literally let go of anything and everything.  I'm reading Happiness Is Free: And It's Easier Than You Think!  It's set up in workbook style.  Lester gives you a chapter, then you ponder it for 7 days while you work with the information he reveals.  I started this project today.  The idea behind this book is to contemplate the meaning of things while letting your mind fold back upon itself.

I'm enjoying this and expecting some lighting bolts of inspiration to descend upon me.  This is how I like it!