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Ever go to school for love?  Ever wonder where is the educational center that walks us through how to get our love needs met?  Or are we doomed to experiment all our life and maybe lose the game because we just don't get it?

Millions over the centuries have lost the game of love.  Thousands have ended the game and died for love.
  • Who invented the game? 
  • What is a love relationship supposed to do? 
  • What role does it play in today's society? 
  • How did we get where we are today with love. 
  • What does consumerism have to do with love? 
  • How is love today different than 1000 years ago?
  • What does love have to do with marriage?
These questions and more than you want to know may be answered by anthropology Professor Michael Wesch presenting the history of love and marriage from a 12th century perspective using Tristan & Isolde as the centerpiece to discuss today's 21st century love-marriage ritual.

How does your love-marriage relationship compare to the 12th century version? What kind of relationship help would take you to your goal of feeling complete today?