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Evan Williams interview about monetizing Twitter

Do you know Evan Williams? Heard of Twitter? The online social network was developed by Evan Williams. Here's a brief history. Williams, born in 1972 in Clarks Nebraska, left the University of Nebraska after a year and a half to get on with his career. Don't miss this part. Here's another entrepreneur that placed little value on "higher education" and trusted himself to find his own true purpose. Like the song, he did it his way!

After leaving school, Williams worked at various technology jobs and start-up firms in Key West, Dallas, Austin, Texas. In 1996 Williams moved to Sebastopol, California in Sonoma County to work for the technology publishing company O'Reilly Media. He started at O'Reilly in a marketing position but eventually became an independent contractor writing computer code, which led to freelance opportunities with companies including Intel and Hewlett-Packard.

Evan Williams co-founded Pyra Labs to make project management software. A note-taking feature spun off as Blogger - one of the first web applications for creating and managing web logs. Williams invented the term "blogger" and was instrumental in the popularization of the term "blog". Pyra was eventually acquired by Google in 2003.

In 2004 Williams co-founded a podcasting company, Odeo, and sold it to Sonic Mountain. In 2007, along comes Twitter which he is currently CEO.

That's the back story.

So, in keeping with blogging, only briefer, Twitter to the rescue. Sending out short, to the point, yet meaningful messages is a great way to keep in touch with your Tweeples.

Evan's idea for Twitter was a service that not only allows people to post short "micro" entries (by enforcing a self-created parameter that allows users a maximum of 140 characters per post), but also helps people stay connected through the use of followers, text messages, and @replies.

The Twitter followers are coining their own lingo to describe some of the everyday actions that take place on the site. "Tweets," for example, is the term used to describe each of your short, 140 character or less, posts to update your Twitter profile.

In this article, the target is to review the simple, everyday things you'll need to know in order to get started on Twitter and set yourself up for maximum exposure using this free online social network service.

Follow these steps:

1.  Create an account at Twitter. - use your current business name, domain name, or personal name. Use the name you are most recognized by and keep it simple and brief.

2.  Check the "Settings" tab and customize your profile; enter a short bio along with the URL to your web site. Include a photo. Personally, I do not accept follower requests if they don't have a photo. The default images on Twitter are ugly. I like to connect with real humans thus, I want to see a face or reasonable facsimile thereof. Double your chances of getting a click to your web site by including a hyperlink within your bio as well as in the form box that asks for your URL.

3.  Go to the "Devices" tab and get your account setup on your mobile phone. This comes in handy when you are out-and-about having waaaaay too much fun. You can turn this on and off

Alrighty then, you are now ready to tweet.

You are limited to 140 characters per message - if you want to include a URL use Tiny URL or Snip URL.

Use Twitter wisely. Be kind, considerate and generous.

1.  Do not include a URL in every tweet.

2.  Do not tweet constantly

3.  Do not start fights, argue, call anyone names, be offensive in anyway

4.  Do reply back to people that follow you - like this - Create an upbeat tweet that welcomes them and thanks them - be generous here - the law of reciprocity is at play. Review the daily tweets you receive and tweet their message back using the @theirname thus, letting all of your followers know about them. Your generosity will build your community, get you more followers and make you some fabulous friends.

5.  Do share your daily activities, home life, children antics, volunteer work, seminars you attend, ask questions, etc with your Tweeple. This gives everyone human connect points to build relationships.

6.  Do follow more people than are following you. If the numbers go the other way, you'll get stuck and won't be able to add more followers.

You can get on the fast track and start adding new followers by doing a search right on Twitter. Follow people you find interesting, people you want on your team and people you would like to know more about.

There are twitter products out there to purchase that supposedly help you build a following. Most of these products are spam machines. Proceed cautiously. Do a reputation search on everything you find before purchasing or using. You don't want to get deleted from Twitter or cause any of your followers to complain about you or become miffed with you.

Check out TwitterFeed. It can help you build your following. It's also free. Another tool that can help you manage Twitter and Facebook is SocialOomph - formerly TweetLater. There is a free and paid version. The idea is to automate your social networking as much as possible.

Twitter is a social network revolution in communications. If you haven't yet, I recommend getting set up as soon as possible and I know you'll appreciate its value.