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Have you met Dr. Robert Thurman?  You might know his daughter Uma Thurman better.  He's knowledgeable, witty and one of the "25 Most Influential Americans." He has lectured all over the world; his charisma and enthusiasm draw packed audiences.

He points out The Protestant Ethic:  "We're only happy when we're miserable."  This foundational frequency of the western world produced the industrial revolution, the war machine and now technology that saves so much time and labor that we're completely fractured with things to do.  What to do first, next?  What's important for our lives? How do I priortize?

Contrasting with Buddhism - "If we train our mind properly, happiness will be the result."  "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world." ~ Buddha

Which frequency appeals to you?

Find out what's most important to you and pursue only that.  It's enough for one life.
Take advantage of summer - expose 80% of your skin for 20 minutes daily between 11am-1pm without sunscreen.  This time of day is high in UVB rays that produce vitamin d in your body.  There are now organic sunscreens (found one on Amazon) if you must spend more time in the sun due to working outdoors.  Do not use sunscreens from the typical retail stores - they don't help, in fact, they harm your skin and your overall well being.

2nd way to get enough vitamin D - a sunbed.  They come in all price ranges.  Go to Amazon and check them out.  I've seen them priced as low as under $1,000.

The last way to get enough is supplements.  There is one other thing you need to be aware of if you choose to use an oral vitamin D supplement and that is that there are basically two types – one is natural and one is synthetic.

  • The natural one is D3 (cholecalciferol), which is the same vitamin D your body makes when exposed to sunshine

  • The synthetic one is vitamin D2, which is sometimes called ergocalciferol

Once either form of the vitamin is in your body, it must be converted to a more active form. Vitamin D3 is converted 500 percent faster than vitamin D2, and is clearly a better alternative.

Get your blood tested then get going and take good care of yourself!!

P.S.  There have been at least 4 books published since 2004 on this subject.  Don't let the political rhetoric of the past 30 years keep you out of the sun.  The sun is good for us!!

P.P.S Go to GrassRootsHealth.net to download the documents mentioned in the video.

Dr. Ben Carson
Awesome movie about Dr. Ben Carson growing up in Detroit during the 50's and 60's.  He overcame a broken home, bad temper, and racial inequality to become a great man, loving father, and famous Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD.

Movie:  Gifted Hands

Raised by a single mother he attended a white school until high school.  His mother was very tuned into her 2 boys and gave them incredible guidance.  To me, she raised their souls, not just their egos.  She was also smart - the only work she knew how to do was cleaning and ironing - she was given the house in her divorce from her bigamist husband and rented it out for income.  She saved her money and at just the right moment, moved her children back home so they could be around people that would "appreciate them."

Ben got a scholarship to Yale and became a physician who cut a path to extraordinary procedures, never done successfully before in pediatric neurosurgery that saved many lives.  He's at the end of his Pediatric Neurosurgery career today and has formed a scholarship with his wife Candy to help scholars around the US get the education they deserve. 

Quote from Dr. Carson:  A good reason to tune into his story:

The key reason is for people to recognize how much potential exists within each individual and how it needs to be cultivated by that individual by making the right choices and putting in the effort. We live in an instant-gratification world where everyone thinks success should come quickly. No, you have to work at it. But we have these dreams that give us the idea to plan ahead five, 10, 15 years down the line and to create a pamphlet that allow us to achieve those dreams.

Ben Carson, your light shines bright.
Cultural Creatives is a term coined by sociologist Ray and
psychologist Anderson to describe a large segment in
Western society that has recently developed beyond the standard paradigm of Modernists versus Traditionalists or Conservatists.  The concept was presented in their book where they claim to have found that 50 million adult Americans (slightly over one quarter of the adult population) can now be identified as belonging to this group. They estimated that there were another 80–90 million Cultural Creatives in Europe in 2000.

Half the core group Cultural Creatives comprises the more educated, leading-edge thinkers. This group includes:

alternative health care providers
other professionals

They combine a serious concern for their inner life with a strong passion for social activism.

The other half of this group are called Green Cultural Creatives.  They are the secular and extroverted wing of the cultural creatives. They tend to  have a more conventional religious outlook. Their world views are less intensely held.

You'll recognize them when you understand their values:
The list below outlines the values that dictate a Cultural Creative's behavior:

Authenticity, actions must be consistent with words and beliefs
Engaged action and whole process learning; seeing the world as interwoven and connected
Idealism and activism
Globalism and ecology
The importance of women

Core cultural creatives also value altruism, self-actualization, and spirituality.

In business they demonstrate a slightly different "reason why" in entrepreneurship.

It's been identified by some as Innerpreneur.  

Innerpreneurs have the defining characteristics of an entrepreneur:

high need for achievement
high need for independence
low need for conformity
internal locus of control
love of ambiguity
propensity for risk-taking
obsession with opportunity

But while entrepreneurs use their business for monetary gain, innerpreneurs use their business to find personal fulfillment
(creatively, spiritually, emotionally) and create social change.

If this sounds like you - let's meet - you are just the person I'm looking for!!
I just finished Power vs Force by David Hawkins and am now moving on to the The Eye of the I: From Which Nothing Is Hidden (Click on the Book tab above to see it.) (Paperback - Jul 1, 2001)  Power vs Force is an incredible eye opener.  Dr Hawkins calibrated people, places and things - gave them a numerical value point from the launch of historical events to people in present time (1995).  He establishes very succinctly how we can come to understand why things are the way they are in today's world, war, politics, etc., and certainly how we can align ourselves with Power and remain aloof to Force.   I found the book valuable to my own progression.